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A New Wave of
Luxury Co-Living

Enjoy a beautifully curated luxury boutique hotel living experience and connect with a like-minded Co-Living Community

About My Posh Pad

A 5-Star Luxury Co-Living Experience Tailored to Your Highest Standard

The first of its kind in Singapore, MYPOSHPAD is a collection of curated boutique hotels in central prime locations offering exquisite residences like no other. Each stunning address is a masterpiece on its own, with show-stopping interiors by world-renowned French designer Jacques Garcia and British Bond girl turned designer, Anouska Hempel. MYPOSHPAD Luxury Co-Living aims to redefine co-living with its unique club-style concept and invites you to discover a life lived better.

Feel at home in your very own 5-star fully furnished hotel room or suite equipped with a one of a kind minibar, round-the-clock service and daily breakfast. Enjoy the use of extensive facilities across the entire hotel group, as well as exclusive member’s pricing at our exciting portfolio of dining hotspots.

MYPOSHPAD Luxury Co-Living invites you to become part of a vibrant Co-Living community of metropolitans through the plethora of exclusive social events that are signature to MYPOSHPAD’s unique co-living experience. Create your community through our curated events, from weekly talks and social hours with complimentary cocktails at Anouska’s, to exclusive access to private alcohol lockers at The Whiskey Library and movie sessions at The Vagabond Club


Life, Experience, Experiment, Passion, Sanctuary, Fun.

Redefining the luxury boutique hotel experience in an expanding list of cities from Singapore to Santiago; the common thread running through all Garcha Hotels is a passion for genuine old world hospitality, extraordinary aesthetics, and most importantly, a fun filled environment.

Designed and curated by some of the best in the world, from Jacques Garcia to Anouska Hempel, the Garcha Hotels will all be destinations in and of themselves.

We believe the best hotels are deeply rooted in their local settings, creating authentic experiences as they reflect their surroundings. They define and shape their neighbourhoods; serve as social and intellectual hubs. We design, build, curate and operate. Our product is your experience, from bed to bar.

“We endeavour to be like hotels in the glorious past, that were not simply places to spend a night, but experiences that left lifetime memories.”

Satinder Garcha

Satinder Garcha, international polo player, property developer, technology investor, photographer and documentary maker, and his lovely wife, Harpreet Bedi, lawyer, CEO of The Garcha Group and mother of four, are the visionaries behind Garcha Hotels. They believe that ‘God is in the details’, and are involved in the minutiae of each hotel. They embody the belief that experiences create passion and passion shapes design.

“Experiences define us…it’s our responsibility to live with purpose and to live life passionately.”

Harpreet Bedi

Welcome Home

What We Offer

MYPOSHPAD accommodations feature everything you need to treat yourself to excess and bliss in some of Singapore’s most magnificent hotels.

Luxurious Rooms


High Speed Wifi
Member's Pricing at all Outlets
Weekly Social Hour
Weekly Movie Sessions
Exclusive Whiskey Locker
House Keeping
Gym, Spa, Pool & Yoga
Marriott Bonvoy Rewards

5-Star Facilities

At MYPOSHPAD, we offer our Co-Living community members an enhanced wellness experience through our 5-star fitness facilities that include a rooftop pool, fully equipped gym and an indulgent spa to unwind. 


Complimentary Membership

Earn, redeem and enjoy exclusive benefits at 7,000+ hotels and resorts across Marriott’s extraordinary portfolio of brands in 131 countries. Start your complimentary membership today or unlock your next Status tier with MYPOSHPAD.


Co-Living Community

Home is more than just the facilities, it encompasses conversations and relationships. At MYPOSHPAD, we invite you to become part of an exclusive co-living community of like-minded metropolitans from all over the world. Make meaningful connections through our curated experiences, be it weekly social hours, yoga sessions or movie nights.

Four steps to living the MYPOSHPAD lifestyle

Experience Luxury Co-Living


Explore our unique properties and find your perfect match.


Connect with our dedicated team and we'll answer all you queries.


Move in with us and start living the MYPOSHPAD lifestyle.


Become part of our vibrant community. Welcome to the Club.